Is it possible to use the same soft starter to start two MV induction motors?

Yes, it is possible to start multiple motors from a single soft-start. Typically, [...]

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What are the maintenance requirements of a VFD?

Under normal operating conditions, VFD’s generally require little maintenance once properly set up. [...]

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What is the best drive manufacturer for my application?

This is a difficult question to answer. Our sales engineers are knowledgeable of [...]

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What filters are used for the VFD?

Line-side filters are sometimes installed to reduce EMI, although modern PWM drives are [...]

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What is a line reactor and what will it do for my application?

A line reactor is an impedance device. Its benefits are reduction of drive [...]

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Will Iacdrive train our staff to operate and maintain our equipment?

We can develop a training program that is tailored to your companies’ needs [...]

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Should I replace my old analog equipment with new digital equipment?

DEFINITELY!!! For so many reasons. . . difficult and costly to get spare parts, Hard to find Tech. Support / serviceability, no communications, little flexibility, etc.

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What is the cost of a VFD?

Cost varies widely based on manufacturer, voltage, ampacity, enclosure type, torque requirements, quantity [...]

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Will a variable frequency drive or variable speed drive save me money?

Yes, the AC drive can save you money on operating cost, when the [...]

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Can I convert my DC Drive application to an AC Drive?

Yes, You can convert your DC drive system; to an AC drive system [...]

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