With the development of the photovoltaic industry, the working efficiency of PV panel becomes better. Benefited from the development of the electronic and internet, IACDRIVE invests in R&D resources for developing a new solution, making installation simple and reliable. IACDRIVE team got experience from last
generation product and the feedback from end-users all over the world when designing the new product. This article introduces I5100-PV series solar pump inverter.

Keywords: I5100-PV, Solar Pump Inverter, Photovoltaic, MPPT, PV water pump

1 Introduction

Have received the feedback information from the solar market and end-users, we got the following suggestions:

Reduce the PV panel quantity
Because the general solar inverter need high DC input voltage.

Support single phase pump
For the civil water pump, many motors are single-phase, but the solar inverter in the market don’t support single phase, only support 3-phase.

Support AC/PV channels input together
In the night, there isn’t PV input energy, the pump will be stop. Some projects need to keep the pump working day and night.

Easy commissioning
The last generation product needs to modify some parameters to be suitable for different pumps while the new inverter can work automatically.

Support remote control
People can use mobile APP or website to monitor the running status and control the system start or stop.

In order to meet the requirements of end-users and solve the disadvantages of solar inverter in the market, INVT has developed a new product I5100-PV solar pump inverter. It solves all the problems the users mentioned above.


Advantages of I5100-PV series

Be suitable for single phase and 3-phase water pump.
Built-in MPPT controller and excellent MPPT algorithm for various photovoltaic panels.
IP54 cabinet solution meets various harsh outdoor environments and it can be installed in the outdoor directly.
Support the boost modular less than 2.2kW so as to increase the PV output voltage.
Support PV input and AC grid input together, which realize the switching function automatically without human intervention.
The inverter has water level control logic, which can avoid dry run status.
Start smoothly to reduce the voltage spike to motor.
Low start voltage and wide input voltage range function give more possibilities to accept multi PV strings configuration and different types of PV module.
Digital intelligent control can adjust and set pump’s speed range flexibly. In addition, the soft start function also can provide lightning protection, overvoltage, over current and overload protection function.
Support GPRS modular. People can operate the system by website platform or mobile phone apps.

3 Photovoltaic

Photovoltaic (PV) is the name of a method of converting solar energy into direct current electricity using semiconducting materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effect. A photovoltaic system employs solar panels composed of a number of solar cells to supply usable solar power. The process is both physical and
chemical in nature, as the first step involves the photoelectric effect from which a second electrochemical process take place involving crystallized atoms being ionized in a series, generating an electric current.

Figure 1: Principle of photovoltaic

I5100_solar pump_inverter_20171012_1

I5100_solar pump_inverter_20171012_1

2 Solutions of I5100-PV

There are 2 solutions for different power rating pump.
For the pump less than 2.2kW, the solution is as the figure 2 and for the bigger power rating pump, the solution is as the figure 3.

For small power rating pump less than 2.2kW, when we configure the solar panels, the PV power is enough, but the PV output voltage is not enough, so it needs to buy more solar panels to increase the PV voltage.

Goodrive100-PV provides the boost modular and it supports low PV voltage input and high DC voltage output, which can reduce the PV quantity.

Figure 2: Boost module + I5100-PV

I5100_solar pump_inverter_20171012_2

I5100_solar pump_inverter_20171012_2

Figure 3: Auto-switch module + I5100-PV

The auto-switch modular can detect the PV output voltage and it can send the signal to I5100-PV. The inverter will control the contactor to turn on/off the AC input.

Figure 4: Water pumping system


5 Conclusion

Because the I5100-PV integrates many features, such as reduce the PV input voltage, switch power input channel between DC and AC, high IP class IP54, etc., the end users don’t need to maintain the solar inverter any more after setting the parameters at the first time.

After sunset the light will be weak and I5100-PV can detect the PV voltage is less than the setting point. It will change the power input channel from PV to AC grid automatically. If only PV channel input, Goodrive100-PV will hibernate in the weak sun light and wake up automatically in the morning.

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