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Comprehensive Technical Characteristics of Inverter
Input-output Characteristics:

Input Voltage Range: 380/220V±15%
Input Frequency Range: 47-63Hz
Output Voltage Range: 0-rated input voltage
Output Frequency Range: 0-400Hz
Peripheral Interface Characteristics
Programmable Digital Input: 6 channel input
Programmable Analog Input: 0-10V input, FI: 0-20mA or 4-20mA input
Open Collector Output: 1 channel output input
Relay Output: 1 channel output
Analog Output: 1 channel output, optional 0-20mA or 0-10V

Technical Performance Characteristics
Control Mode: SVC, V/F direct torque control
Overload Capacity: 150% rated current 60s; 180% rated current 10s
Starting Torque: SVC: 0.5Hz/150% (SVC)
Speed Regulation Ratio: SVC: 1:100
Speed Control Accuracy: SVC; ±0.5% maximum speed
Carrier Frequency: 0.5k-15.0kHz

Name rules:



1.Applies to the driving control of permanent-magnet synchronous motor and asynchronous motor, possessing different kinds of rotary encoder interfaces;
2.Self-tuning function of motor parameters, including static tuning and full tuning;
3.Quick startup of curve processing, multi-stage S curve settings and 4-stage acceleration and deceleration time settings ensure the sense of comfort during the running of the elevator;
4.Simple and practical battery running function, the input of 48V power supply can complete self-help when power is off;
5.Enable inspection、brake contactor control, output contactor control, forced deceleration judgment, over speed testing, speed deviation testing, advanced door open, contact conglutination testing, motor overheat testing, startup pre-torque compensation and other elevator special functions make elevator control easier;
6.The unique one-button design on the operation panel make complicated keyboard operation easy;
7.Built-in DC reactor and braking unit improve output power factor of the system and reduce the cost of outside components of the electrical system;
8.The whole series of independent duct design, professional lightning protection design, professional manufacture platform and advanced processs control ensure the quality of I5300 specialized Elevator inverter;

Main parameters of the I5300 Elevator inverter (IP model included)

Model Capacity KW Input current Output current Adoptable motor kW
3-phase 380V  range:-15%~20%
I5300-4002 4 5.8 5.1 2.2
I5300-4003 5.9 10.5 9 3.7
I5300-4005 8.9 14.6 13 5.5
I5300-4007 11 20.5 18 7.5
I5300-4011 17 29 27 11
I5300-4015 21 36 33 15
I5300-4018 24 41 39 18.5
I5300-4022 30 49.5 48 22
I5300-4030 40 62 60 30
I5300-4037 57 77 75 37
I5300-4045 69 93 91 45