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S5300-CE is designed for the construction of load characteristics and control requirements of a specially developed integrated control of a dedicated inverter.

Integrated construction elevator electrical logic, frequency control, brake power, overload protection, increase text display, voice broadcast, floor call, automatic leveling, GPRS function. To meet the energy-saving, low-speed and medium-speed construction lifts in the high-end application requirements.



Integrated electrical logic control, variable frequency control, brake unit, overload protection, brake power, elevator control cabinet to achieve protection and protection functions;

Safe and reliable

Lifting special holding brake control;

Pre-excitation and torque verification function, to prevent slip car;

Zero detection, to prevent misuse of the joystick;

Dozens of fault protection, deal with all kinds of unexpected situations;


Customized protection design, independent terminal configuration, flexible installation, easy maintenance;

When the load is light, enhance the running speed;

Dedicated phase protection, low-voltage logic control to ensure safe operation of equipment;

Rich to expand

Secondary platform development;

With automatic leveling and GPRS functions;


Item Specifications
Maximum frequency 150 Hz
Carrier frequency 0.5–16 kHz, adjusted automatically based on the load features
Resolution of input frequency •   Digital setting: 0.01 Hz
•   Analog setting: maximum frequency x 0.025%
Motor control mode Sensorless vector control (SVC) Voltage/Frequency (V/F) control
Startup torque •   V/F: 0.5 Hz, 150%; SVC:0.5 Hz, 200%
Speed range 1:100 (SVC)
Speed stability accuracy ±0.5% (SVC)
Overload capacity 60s for 150% of the rated current, 3s for 180% of the rated current
Torque boost •   Fixed boost
•   Customized boost 0.1%–30.0%
Ramp mode •   Straight-line ramp
Basic functions •   S-curve ramp
DC braking DC braking frequency: minimum frequency to rated frequency
DC braking current: 0.0% to 120.0% of rated current
Auto voltage regulation (AVR) It can keep constant output voltage automatically when the mains voltage changes
Overvoltage/Overcurrent stall control The current and voltage are limited automatically during the running to avoid frequent overvoltage/over current tripping
Rapid current limit It decreases the over current faults to the minimum and ensures normal running of the AC drive
Torque limit and control It automatically limits torque during running, preventing frequent over current tripping
Excellent performance It implements control on the asynchronous motor and synchronous motor with the high-performance current vector control technology
Power dip ride-through It reduces set frequency for load to maintain normal output of the AC drive when the bus voltage remains low, preventing the undervoltage fault during running
Low voltage protection In the case of sudden bus voltage reduction or power failure, the AC drive stops quickly and restricts the running to prevent hook gliding
Overload protection It automatically identifies the load condition, and restricts the hoist running after
overload, but allows only the descending running
Three-level function codes The function codes are classified into three levels, respectively for junior, senior,
and advanced users
Display of gearbox use ratio With the internal calculation mode of the gearbox use ratio, the current gearbox use ratio is displayed to users
Brake time sequence control The time sequence control of a specialized brake for the crane is provided
Light-load high-speed It detects the output torque of the AC drive and automatically calculates the highest output frequency
Load overspeed judgment Two alarms indicating frequency direction abnormality and frequency following abnormality based on the encoder feedback frequency are available
Individualized functions Integrated control Built-in logic for construction hoist simplifies design of control cabinet.
Multiple fault alarms Probable faults are listed and corresponding solutions are provided
Advanced background software It supports the AC drive parameter operation and virtual oscilloscope function. By means of the virtual oscilloscope, the state inside the AC drive is monitored
Static auto-tuning of motor parameters The S5300 supports static auto-tuning of all motor parameters
Weighing function The S5300 can calculate current load weight according to analog input signal of weighing sensor and supports operation limited due to overload
Command source •   Operation panel control
•   Terminal control
Frequency source Multi-speed
•   5 digital input (DI) terminals, including one that supports up to 100 kHz high- speed pulse input
Running Input terminal •   2 analog input (AI) terminals, one supporting only 0–10 V voltage input and the other supporting 0–10 V voltage input or 4–20 mA current input
•   1 high-speed pulse output terminal (open-collector) that supports 0–100 kHz square wave signal output
•   1 digital output (DO) terminal
Output terminal •   1 relay output terminal
•   1 analog output (AO) terminal that supports 0-10 V voltage output or 4–20 mA current output
Display and operation LED display It can display the parameters
Installation location Indoor, free from direct sunlight, dust, corrosive gas, combustible gas, oil smoke, vapor, drip or salt
Altitude Lower than 1000 m (derated 1%/100 m if the altitude is higher than 1000 m)
Ambient temperature –10°C to +40°C (derated 2%/degree when between 40°C and 50°C)
Humidity Less than 95% RH, without condensing
Vibration 9.8 m/s2 for below 20 Hz, and 5\.9 m/s2 for above 20 Hz
Environment Storage temperature –20°C to +70°C
Pollution level PD2
IP level IP20
Power system IN, TT