At present, no other enterprise in domestic industry is able to produce a complete set of laminating film slicing machine due to many reasons, such as high cost, difficulty in operating and technological problems. Though similar equipments can be found in slicing machine industry, all of them adopt frequency inverter to drive the motor; therefore, it is hard to achieve high-precision control. Many enterprises demand innovation in slicing technology to increase production capacity, enhance precision and flexibility of slicing machine, reduce energy waste and strengthen the competitiveness in domestic industry.


1. Mechanical System
1.1 Structure of Mechanical System
Laminating film slicing machine is composed of base, feeding device, delivering device, dragging device and slicing device. Please refer to Figure 1.





Figure 1 Laminating Film Slicing Machine


1.2 Technical Parameters
Laminating film slicing machine is specially designed to slice laminating film. It adopts double baiting technology and the laminating film is cut in both vertical and horizontal directions, which is different from the method of paper cutting machine and greatly improves slicing precision and efficiency. The technical parameters of laminating film slicing machine are as follows:


Material thickness: 75 u~175u (single layer), double layer can be cut
Maximum width of coiled material: 950mm
Maximum diameter of coiled material: 650mm
Slicing speed: 60~100 pcs/min (depends on actual material)
Length of slice: 30~1,300mm
Cutting precision: ≤+/-0.1


2.Control System
The control system of laminating film slicing machine is shown in Figure 2.
The control system is composed of HMI, IVC1 PLC, I5300 frequency inverter, I100 servo drive. Since all devices are made by IACDRIVE, they are well compatible with each other.


                    Figure 2 Structure of Laminating Film Slicing Machine based on IACDRIVE Control System 

3.System Software Design

3.1 System Software Structure
The software is composed of HMI and lower computer. The software structure of this slicing machine is shown in Figure 3.



3.2 Human-Machine Interface Design and Functions

(1) Home Page
The home page shows important parameters, such as current status of laminating film slicing machine, alarm condition, data statistics, etc. Also, it is easy to switch to other pages from home page. Please refer to Figure 5.

(2)Input/Output Monitoring Page
This page shows the working condition of input/output port so as to facilitate failure diagnosis and machine maintenance.

(3) Test Page
This page facilitates new machine debugging and testing. The maintenance personnel are able to judge the condition of electric equipments according to the information shown on this page. Before any operation on this page, please make sure the slicing machine is in stopped status, and no operation is allowed on this page when the slicing machine is running.

(4) Parameter Setting Page
This page facilitates setting main technical parameters. Please do not change any parameter when the slicing machine is running.

Laminating film slicing machine is advanced equipment in slicing machine industry, and it helps to greatly improve slicing precision, promote the technological level of enterprises, enhance product quality, raise production efficiency, and play a positive role in safe production. As domestic slicing machine industry has been developing quickly in recent years, laminating film slicing machine adopting servo drive instead of frequency inverter will be widely applied in China. Depending on the high performance of IACDRIVE products, this laminating film slicing machine takes the lead in domestic slicing machine industry and shows strong competitiveness and performance in comparison with other slicing equipments.